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TeaLight Urns to Show Your Respect to the Departed Soul

One of the saddest surprises that life can throw at us at any point of time is losing a loved one forever. No matter whatever you do, up to which extent, such happenings break us from within. However, nothing can be done except accepting the truth that nothing lasts forever and moving on. A tealight urn, in this context, is the best way to honor the memories of the departed soul. Exquisite Urns’ collection of tealight Cremation Urns are beautiful and elegant options for keeping at your home as a token of remembrance. Each funeral urns for ashes comprises a candle holder on the top and a brass or mother of pearl urn or any other urn on the bottom. Tealight keepsake urns as well as standard urns are the most beautiful urns for human ashes that we feature.

Unique and beautiful urns

Handcrafted with brilliance and excellent craftsmanship, a tealight urn is a unique and exquisite souvenir suitable for almost every final disposition method. Yes, you can use tealight memorial urns for burials, interring at a niche, storing at home. Also, if you want to distribute the cremains among all the family members, then you can go for small keepsake tealight brass urn for ashes. These are small and beautiful and good option for keeping at home. Plus, these cremation boxes allow you to store the ashes of your loved one discretely as a decorative accent.

Biodegradable urns for natural reasons

When families decide to scatter the ashes of a loved one, they choose cremation scattering tubes, which are most of the times, an eco-friendly option. Biodegradable cremation urns for water dispersion or burial are generally made up of biodegradable materials like paper, sand, salt, etc. So, when you scatter or put them in water, they tend to dissolve. Therefore, they don’t cause any kind of damage to the nature. Biodegradable cremation urns are undoubtedly good options, but when it comes to scattering, families should also consider a second option other than scattering urns where they can keep the remaining ashes like wooden urns, brass urns, ceramic urns and other options available.

Other options to choose from

Apart from our huge assortment tealight urns, we also showcase a number of other categories of cremation vaults. Marble urns for human ashes and burial urns for human ashes are some of the examples to consider. Besides cremation urns, at Exquisite Urns, you will find a number of other cremation products at our online shop. One of the most popular choices among them is cremation jewelry. As the name suggests, these jewelry are used for storing a small portion of ashes and wearing them like regular necklaces, pendants and bracelets. Cremation jewelry is one of the most discreet ways to keep the ashes along with you all the time. A number of people find it peaceful and healing. So, you might find that too.

Steal the best moments forever

Dear friend, you cannot get back those moments that are gone. What you can do is memorize them with all your love. Cremation urns are the best resort to help you find peace and feel the eternal connection to the deceased. This is probably one of the main reasons why more and more families prefer cremation over the traditional funeral. Cremation allows you to keep the last belongings of a deceased loved one, the cremated remains.

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