Pink Urns For Ashes


Delta Infant Cremation Urn - Pink

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Butterfly Infant Baby Urn in Pink

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Dew Drop Infant Urn - Pink

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Pink Floral Design Cremation Urn

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Carnation Pink Cultured Marble Urn

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Bella Earth Adult Cremation Urn

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Preserve the Memories for a Lifetime in Pink Cremation Urns

The pink urns for ashes are known to symbolize universal love and this is the reason why many families prefer a pink urn over the others. Pink cremation urns are not only beautiful and sturdy but are also available in a range of different materials, styles, and sizes. Whether you want an elegant pink pet urn or a sophisticated pink marble urn for human ashes, you will get everything under one roof in our store. If you want to pay a tribute using a unique urn then our green urns for ashes and camo urns for ashes deserve your time and attention.

Customized pink urns are perfect for paying a respectful tribute

You can easily customize your selected pink cremation urns to add a personal touch to the cremation vessel. A similar thing can also be done with our purple urns for ashes and cream urns for ashes, but the ultimate choice will depend on your preference. You can either get a personal message engraved on the pink dog urn or get your picture engraved on our special small pink urn to make the tribute more special and memorable. If you don’t want a plush vessel, then simple grey urns for ashes will also serve your purpose.

Appropriate sized pink cremation urns are perfect for safely storing the cremated remains

Not everyone follows the same way to dispose or preserve the cremated remains. A standard sized pink urn is perfect for storing the entire cremated remains of an adult whereas a keepsake gold urn vase should be preferred for keeping a little portion of the remains. Too large or too small white cremation urn might not serve your purpose the way you wanted it to do. If you have limited space in your house, then you can store a little portion of the cremated remains in beautiful sterling silver urn pendant and also carry it with you wherever you go. If you are not sure of the size and you want to store the entire remains then a standard sized beige cremation urn will be perfect.

Discover unique pink cremation urns

Exquisite Urns is a reliable name known for offering authentic cremation urns and jewelry at fair prices. No one wants to restrict their choices to just a few pink urns for ashes or a few bronze pet urns. Our store stocks the largest and the unique urns including the blue urns for ashes and various others so that all the customers’ get the type of cremation vessel they were looking for under one roof. Starting from an angel red urn to an elegant tea light urn, you can explore various options within your budget.

Why Exquisite Urns?

If you want top-notch copper urn for ashes at fair prices, then Exquisite Urns has to be your ultimate choice. Not only will you get a large range of options to choose from but you can also rest assured of the quality of each offered product. Starting from our pink dog urn to our black marble urn, each product is delicately made by skilled artisans and is crafted to perfection. Moreover, with every placed order you will also get a free delivery.

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