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Galaxy Glass Cremation Pendant

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Elegant Soulful Tree Heart

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Floral Emerald Cremation Urn

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Green Ascota Cultured Marble Urn

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Let the Departed Soul Go Back To Nature with Beautiful Green Urns

The color green is not only closely related to nature but is also related to the renewal of a life. Green cremation urns are not only visually appealing and soothing but are also sturdy as well. You can find both biodegradable and non-biodegradable green urn to treat the cremated remains the way you want to. If you wish to preserve the remains in beautiful vessels in your house, then our green marble urn deserves your attention. You can also get urns having different shades of green like the emerald green urn on our store. 

Get the best green urn to honor the memories of your loved one

While searching for the best green urns for ashes you are not just searching for a vessel, but you are searching for the final resting place of your loved one. Choosing a cremation vessel is a totally personal choice, so whether you select a green colored urn or a grey urn will depend on your requirements. You can also consider purchasing a sterling silver urn necklace or a gold urn pendant if you want to keep the memories close to your heart wherever you go. Our purple cremation urns are also perfect to honor and cherish the memories of the departed soul.

Choose a biodegradable green urn to bury or scatter the cremated remains

Biodegradable green cremation urns are made using natural materials that naturally break down over a period of time. If you want the loved one to return back to nature in its purest form, then you should definitely scatter or bury the remains using biodegradable green urns for ashes. If you want a different color, then eco-friendly tan cremation urn and red urns for ashes are also available in our store. Exquisite Urns is a trusted name in the cremation industry and you can always find your desired cremation vessel here. For burying or scattering the remains of outdoor enthusiasts, we also have eco-friendly camouflage cremation urn.

Always keep the memories alive with beautiful green urn jewelry

We have an exquisite range of green colored jewelry and copper colored urn jewelry that is sure to keep the memories alive and fresh for a lifetime. The best part of green cremation jewelry is it looks exactly like an original jewelry and no one can make out that you are carrying cremated remains in them. You can also check our unique cobalt blue urn jewelry that is sure to catch the attention of many people and also allow you to keep the last remains close to your heart wherever you go. The green urn jewelry is also known to soothe and ease your grief every time you look at it.

Why Exquisite Urns?

If you want to discover a large range of options before deciding on the final one, then you should definitely visit Exquisite Urns once. Starting from beautiful white urn to sophisticated cream pet urn, royal bronze dog urn to classic black and white urn you will get everything under one roof. Apart from offering authentic products at reasonable prices, we also offer a free delivery with every placed order. Whether you purchase our pink urn or any other cremation vessel, you will surely love the quality and the courteous customer service.

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