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Cherish the Bond Shared Between the Departed Souls with Our Companion Urns

Unfortunate events happen all of a sudden, and in some cases, two people may lose their life at the same time and to the same incident. The companion urns have two different compartments where you can place the ashes of both the people, but the two compartments as a whole look like a single urn. The large range of companion cremation urns including the extra large cremation urns for ashes and the standard sized marble companion cremation urns are available in different designs, colors, themes, materials, and size. You should buy the companion urns for two persons that closely resonates their personal liking.


Companion Urns for Ashes, Extra Large Companion Urns for Adult Ashes Online

Choose from a wide array of companion urns

You would surely want to make sure that the affection between the two loved departed souls never dies. The companion urn for adults serves this purpose and keeps the love alive between the two till eternity. Starting from wooden companion urns to ceramic companion urns for ashes, stone companion urns for burial to brass companion urns, you can find every possible urn that you can think of on Exquisite Urns. Even xl urns are available to serve your purpose. A large variety gives you the freedom to choose the best available companion urns for two persons that can best memorialize them.

Companion urns should be purchased according to the purpose

If you want to bury some remains and preserve the remaining, then both keepsake cremation urns and the extra large cremation urns for ashes should be purchased. You can preserve a little portion of the remains safely and respectfully in keepsake companion cremation urns while most of the remains can be buried using the xl urns. The beautiful and elegant marble companion cremation urns should be your first choice if appealing looks are on top of your checklist. Alternatively, you can also get your favorite urns for ashes for adults customized according to your specifications.

Size of the companion urns should be wisely chosen

You can either decide to keep the entire remains, scatter them all or preserve a little portion of the remains. The purchasing decision of the companion urns for adults should be based on your purpose of buying the urns. If you want to preserve the entire remains in a sturdy and beautiful urn, then our wooden companion urns will be perfect, whereas, if you decide to bury the entire remains, then our companion burial urns should be considered. Whether you decide to bury the remains or preserve or scatter the same, you will always find the urns and jewelry for all the cremation purpose on our store.

Why Exquisite Urns?

You should purchase the cremation urns and jewelry from a place that is known for its quality products. Exquisite Urns is a place where you can get the largest collection of urns and jewelry including the infant urns for ashes and various other products at affordable prices. If you are looking for the best companion urns for ashes that are both sturdy and beautiful, then you will surely get it from our store. Moreover, you will also get free delivery with every placed order. You will also have the benefit of choosing from a large range that will not restrict your choice to just a few options.

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